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Monday, 11 March 2013

Printed rights of Value & Worth: Creating new Markets in the Digital Economy' acquired

Dear friends, I am most honoured and pleased to inform you that the PRINT version for my e-book 'value and worth: creating new markets in the digital economy' (available at will be acquired exclusively by Cambridge University Press, the oldest printing and publishing house in the world (about CUP here), for all territories and all languages. Paperback and hardback is expected September 2013. I will still retain the electronic rights as I am currently experimenting with knowledge and publishing platform business models. 

I am indeed very honoured that Cambridge University Press has offered for the book to be published as one of their titles. The strong interest this book has had worldwide has reinforced my belief that academic research in service, value and business models should be made more accessible to practice and provide some guidance to an increasingly fragmented and yet connected digital economy. I look forward to seeing the print version soon.

As an aside, I am now in the company of the King James Bible...... if only it will sell just as many ;p

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